Dahl & Associates, Inc.          Peter Dahl, CFI, CFEI, CFII
Fire and Explosion Analysis                                (612) 229-6019
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Why Dahl & Associates?

When a fire or explosion occurs one of the most important decisions to be made is to retain competent, experienced and professional investigation services.  Dahl & Associates is dedicated to providing professional, thorough and timely service regarding all aspects of fire and explosion investigation.  Our years of experience combined with professional relationships within the forensic fire community provide our clients with a confidence that their best interests are being addressed.

Dahl & Associates is available for services 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Prompt response to a request for our services is the foundation of our business.  We are able to respond to a fire, explosion or evidence collection scene in a timely fashion.  Peter Dahl is also an experienced pilot with over 30 years of high performance aviation experience.  He is able to respond quickly to scenes via vehicle, commercial airlines or private airplane whichever is most cost effective for the client.

Peter Dahl has extensive experience in grain industry fires and explosions.  During the grain processing season of 2009, he investigated approximately twenty grain industry fires or explosions. His investigations have resulted in substantial settlements for his clients. 

Dahl & Associates is an experienced representative of manufacturers and service companies. We have years of investigative experience relating to manufacturer's products or services, which have proven to be invaluable to the outcome of numerous cases.

We utilize a systematic approach and employ the Scientific Method as defined in NFPA 921 Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations.

Dahl & Associates is committed to providing our clients with thorough and cost effective investigation.  The quality of service provided by Dahl & Associates, as well as the continuing involvement in research related to the evolving field of fire science, have built our solid reputation in the fire investigation industry.